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Appellate Services

Counsel Press has the most experienced and expert staff of attorneys, appellate consultants and appellate paralegals available. Since 1938 Counsel Press has assisted attorneys in all 50 states with expert assistance in preparing, filing, and serving appeals in any state or federal appellate court nationwide and several international tribunals. Counsel Press' operations include fully staffed offices in 12 locations nationwide and production centers in 6 locations from coast to coast. Our headquarters office in midtown Manhattan offers over 50 full-time staff to meet our client's needs on matters across the country.

Whether you need expert assistance with your client’s next chance, or your client’s last chance, we offer unmatched expertise from the state and federal courts to the Supreme Court of the United States. Our expert service starts with a team of attorneys and appellate professionals that offers over 1000 years of combined experience. Now that’s strength in numbers! Some of our services include:

  • Preparation of all types of appellate documents, including tables of contents and/or tables of authorities
  • Document sequencing and pagination
  • Electronic document and brief preparation and electronic filing services
  • Drafting of statements and certifications required by state or local rules
  • Drafting notices and stipulations, as required
  • Typesetting services (from hard copy, disk, email or other electronic means) to the highest standards of quality, speed and accuracy
  • Printing, binding, serving and filing of appeals
Counsel Press' history runs deep nationwide. Our 2006 acquisition and continued operations of the Reporter Company's appellate service operations in New York state represents service to the New York legal community since 1881. With the addition of Midwest Law Printing Company to our fold in 2008 we mark history to the Chicago and surrounding Illinois legal community since 1917. In Rochester New York we continue the appellate service operations of the Daily Record established in the early 1900's. More recently Counsel Press' acquisition of Lawyer's Printing and Research, founded in 1981 in Richmond, is the foundation for the oldest appellate services firm in Virginia, bar none. We are among the oldest, largest, and only appellate service providers in the courts we serve from coast to coast.