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Real Estate Services

Counsel Press began offering its printing services to the New York real estate development community in 1980. Today we serve hundreds of customers across the New York Metropolitan area through all phases of condo and co-op real estate offering plan filing. We also manage reprint services for hundreds of buildings. We work through the New York Attorney General’s office to contact the attorneys preparing new offerings and we partner closely with the sponsor and selling agent that assist with these transactions.

We have introduced exciting new products over the last few years as our customers’ needs have developed and the methods of distributing offering plans and amendments are changing. Our basic services include:

Offering Plan on Demand (OPOD)
Digital Libraries of Property Documents
–Attorney General-Compliant CD-ROMs
–Full-Service Real Estate Printing.

We stand ready to produce the highest quality, rule-compliant offering plans that are available today and make this the easiest process imaginable for the management companies, attorneys, sponsors and buyers of any coop or condo in New York. Our clients offering plans are produced quickly, accurately and with an appearance which creates instant sales appeal. We strongly believe that a properly prepared plan lends credibility and an attractive plan can be an invaluable sales aid.

Our printing capacity (up to 24,000 pages per hour) also gives us the ability to undertake large scale, same day printing and binding of Red Herrings, Black Books, Private Placement Memoranda, Subscription Agreements as well as other related documents.

Please contact us for further information on CP Real Estate services:

George Ortiz
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Real Estate Services