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CP eBrief™ Services

Counsel Press CP eBrief™ services transform a paper brief with boxes of exhibits into a single electronic, hyperlinked digital PDF format that is text-searchable and submitted to the court via upload or appropriate media following individual court rules. CP eBrief™ integrates legal arguments containing Case Citations, Transcripts, Exhibits, Pleadings and Audio/Video clips into a streamlined presentation that makes it easy for the court to review and understand your legal argument.

Electronic Briefs are widely accepted at all levels of the judiciary, as judges realize the advantages they offer in terms of efficiency and accuracy. Lawyers understand that this technology improves the chances of having their full legal argument reviewed and more easily understood by the court. More understanding offers more opportunity to advance a winning argument.

Counsel Press offers different levels of electronic file preparation to suit your particular needs and budget. Please review the CP eBrief™ Q&A and the CP Search & Navigate™ Q&A for two examples of our services. We will also create a custom package for you. Just tell us what you need, or point us to the court your filing in and we'll take it from there.

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CP eBrief™ Services