Filing Your Appeal With Counsel Press – Why Do We Survey Clients?

We all want to satisfy the client, ensuring that they will come back to us with their next matter and refer us to their colleagues or friends. Typically, when the work is done, an invoice is sent and we assume that, since everything seemed to go well, the client is happy; not necessarily.

Often, the truly unhappy client will pick up the phone and demand to speak to someone, preferably in authority, to air their grievances. The side benefit of working with the vocal, unhappy client is having the opportunity to make things better. And, if you are able to help this type of client, it is not infrequent that they will give your company another chance with their business going forward. This can be a win!

The other group of clients is harder to help. They don’t complain and don’t write nasty e-mails. They pay their bills and then just go away, sometimes forever. And, they may not be truly unhappy… but just not happy. This is the group we need to identify and address each and every time we work with them. But how do we do that?

At Counsel Press, clients' satisfaction with the value in the service we provide is our highest goal. That is why every time we file and serve for a client, we e-mail them a survey with a simple question: “How likely are you to recommend us?” We ask for a rating between 1 and 10 (with 10 being the highest satisfaction mark) and for any comments. The thought here is if they weren’t happy, they surely wouldn’t recommend us.

By completing this short survey, our clients provide us with genuine feedback. The results from these surveys are one of our most important client-satisfaction measurement tools, and this is our opportunity to determine what we are doing right and what could use some improvement.

We greatly value our clients’ feedback. As a matter of fact, we take the time to read every comment on the surveys, and we follow up on every response with a rating below 8 (80%). After a thorough investigation, a senior manager calls the client to discuss their experience and the dialogue begins. Being able to hear about the quality of our services from the client’s perspective allows us to understand them better, address their concerns and improve our performance going forward.

The fact that, on average, 95% of our clients are happy to recommend us (with a 9 or 10 rating) certainly makes us proud – proud of the efforts we make to offer excellent service. We thank our clients for their feedback – helping us to provide them with the best appellate services and appellate printing experience possible!

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